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THE POLITICAL LANDSCAPE: Ticket fines to increase

An extra $2 will go with every $10 in traffic ticket fees to help uninsured get medical services.

The Daily Pilot

The Orange County Board of Supervisors recently voted 4-1 to increase traffic ticket fees to fund medical care for the uninsured. Supervisor John Moorlach, who calls the moving violation hike “nefarious,” cast the only dissenting vote.

“It forces people to pay who are already paying for insurance and roads,” Moorlach said. “They shouldn’t have to pay more if they get caught in a speed trap or on a signal camera.”

Moorlach said he supports improving medical care for the uninsured in Orange County, but he thinks the funding should come from other sources.

The plan allows the county to collect an additional $2 for every $10 in fines from traffic tickets to pay for emergency medical care for the uninsured.

“Everyone should pay evenly,” Moorlach said. “Not people who are already paying.”