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HOMEOWNERS - Challenging Your Property Assessment

HOMEOWNERS - Challenging Your Property Assessment 

The Assessor will be sending out property value notices next month.  Be sure to read your notice carefully.  If there are two values shown on your assessment notice, the LOWER of the two values will be enrolled and that will be the basis for your 2009 Property Taxes.  If you only have one value listed that is your enrolled value and no temporary reduction in value was made by the Assessor.

Examine the lowest value shown on your property assessment notice.  That value represents the Assessor’s opinion of value of your property as of January 1, 2009 and does not reflect any homeowner’s exemption that may apply.   If you believe that the lowest value shown on your notice is higher than the market value as of January 1, 2009 then you should consider filing an assessment appeal.  You must have evidence (usually comparable sales) to support a lower opinion of value.  The comparable sales must be sales that occurred before April 1, 2009.  Sales that occurred April 1, 2009 and later are NOT admissible as evidence.

Assessment Appeals Annual Filing Period:     July 2 – September 15 each year.

For forms and more information relating to Assessment Appeals visit the Clerk of the Board’s website at then select “Property Assessment.”

CAUTION…Although there are many fine tax agents doing business in Orange County beware of companies who may be soliciting bogus comparable sales.  There is no charge to file an appeal in Orange County.