Welcome to the Second District

Welcome to the sensational Second District’s website. I know that my time as your Supervisor will be packed with numerous goals and objectives to accomplish. These eight years will be fleeting, as time flies when there is so much to do and you’re having fun.

I do not issue a regular newsletter. Instead, I e-mail out media updates when I am mentioned in printed articles. This will give those who are interested in a real-time experience a timely perspective of those issues deemed relevant by the media, along with personal notes to provide more color, when needed. Those wishing to subscribe can request by e-mailing me at John.Moorlach@ocgov.com. Recent e-mails are linked at http://johnmoorlach.wordpress.com/.

Due to my many involvements, including serving on the Orange County Transportation Authority, LAFCO, Vector Control, the Commission to End Homelessness, CSAC and other boards, commissions, committees and sub-committees, there is plenty to do.

We are pursuing an active agenda, wanting action and accomplishments. Accordingly, we will always be moving on projects and attempting to properly hurdle any obstacles or adjusting when we hit immovable walls. All I ask is your counsel, consideration and patience as we attempt to address issues facing the residents of the sensational Second District. As an avid backpacker, I want to leave this office better than when I arrived, just as I’ve done with campsites over the years. I hope we enjoy the journey together.

Happy trails,
John M. W. Moorlach, C.P.A.
Chairman, Board of Supervisors
Supervisor, Second District