Over the past several years, there has been great progress toward meeting County information technology needs by maximizing availability, reducing cost and providing service and connectivity options for our customers and for our constituents. This could not have been accomplished without the support of the Board of Supervisors, the CEO, and the Agencies and Departments, our partners and our suppliers.

We are all aware of the budget challenges that public sector organizations are facing, be they cities, special districts, school districts or counties. This current economic climate and the technology that we have today presents a “perfect storm” of opportunities to streamline processes, share common services, encourage collaboration and provide access to information, regardless of location.

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Featured Projects

September 25, 2013  IT SourcingThe County Executive Office Information Technology Department has recently reached a major milestone in replacing the 11-year IT staff-augmentation contract with Xerox (formerly ACS). On May 14, 2013, the Board of Supervisors awarded a contract to SAIC to provide Data Center, service desk, desktop support and application services over the next five years, renewable for two additional one-year periods (Scope 1). On September 10, 2013, the Board approved a contract with Xerox Corp. to provide end-to-end support of the County’s voice and data network systems and to transform our existing architecture to a converged voice and data network.
September 3, 2012  Countywide CollaborationIn the summer and fall of 2011, the Technology Council Collaboration Services project team, consisting of several Agency/Department representatives, reviewed the state of collaboration technologies throughout the County. The team found that while many agencies and departments had deployed some type of internal solution, these solutions varied and nothing addressed the many needs of the County as a whole.