CIO's Corner

From the County CIO, Christina Koslosky

Over the past several years, there has been great progress toward meeting County information technology needs by maximizing availability, reducing cost and providing service and connectivity options for our customers and for our constituents. This could not have been accomplished without the support of the Board of Supervisors, the CEO, and the Agencies and Departments, our partners and our suppliers.

We are all aware of the budget challenges that public sector organizations are facing, be they cities, special districts, school districts or counties. This current economic climate and the technology that we have today presents a “perfect storm” of opportunities to streamline processes, share common services, encourage collaboration and provide access to information, regardless of location.

Our IT organizations need to be prepared to meet the expectations of the next generation of very tech savvy constituents. When you hear buzzwords like “cloud computing” or “mobility” or “big data”, think of these as enablers for County organizations to leverage technology to deliver services efficiently and cost effectively to our constituents and workforce.

As the County Enterprise Services provider, my organization is deeply committed to:

  • Aligning CEO/IT service and delivery with evolving County business requirements and IT trends
  • Reducing the overall County costs for IT expenditures
  • Optimizing IT services for maximum value, utility and agility
  • Leveraging County IT resources to address business needs efficiently

As the CIO, I will continue to work with County Agencies/Departments to address business challenges with quality, innovative, fiscally responsible and secure technology solutions.