Benefits for County Employees

General Information

Health Plan Information

This section applies to IUOE employees.   

Choice Health Plan Information

This section applies to AFSCME, AOCW, Courts Executive Management, OCAA, OCEA, OCMA, Special Districts, and Unrepresented employees.  

Benefits Enrollment Guides
General Employee Management and Court Attorney
Law Management  Executive Management
Elected Officials Probation
Eligibility Workers Craft and Plant Employees
County Attorney Quick Start Brochure

Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC)

Cigna Premier Sharewell
Cigna Choice Sharewell Choice
Cigna Craft & Plant Premier Wellwise 
Kaiser Wellwise Choice
Kaiser Choice
Kaiser Craft & Plant

Health Insurance Marketplace Notices

* The information in these plan comparisons and enrollment guides is only an overview of benefit plans available to you. The plan documents and insurance policies for each plan provide the detailed, legal information about your coverage. If there is any difference between these comparisons and/or enrollment guides and the plan documents or insurance policies, the plan documents and insurance policies will govern. Individual Plan Documents and Insurance Policies can be obtained on the Benefits Center Website under "Resource Materials", select "Documents and Forms.