OC Healthy Steps

The OC Healthy Steps wellness program is designed to help you become aware of your risk factors and key numbers that impact your health (such as your cholesterol and blood pressure), as well as to identify what you can do to maintain or improve your health.
This program was an outcome of recent labor negotiations. County employees participating in OC Healthy Steps will pay less toward their health care premiums than those who choose not to participate. Participating in OC Healthy Steps means completing three confidential Steps to Wellness each year.  Detailed instructions and deadlines will be mailed to you during the Wellness period prior to each Annual Open Enrollment. 

The OC Healthy Steps program includes 3 important steps.

    Step 1: Biometric Screening: Know Your Numbers 
    Step 2: Health Risk Assessment (HRA): Know Your Risks
    Step 3:Non-smoking attestation: Healthy Behavior Change - click here for available resources

Please note that:

Dependents do not complete the steps.

Employees in the Sharewell PPO Plan may participate however this plan is a high deductible health plan that has no payroll contributions.

New employees hired after May 1, 2014 will not be included in the program until 2015.

Only employees in labor groups that have agreed to implement OC Healthy Steps are included in the program at this time.

If you are enrolled in the Employees Married to Employee (EME) program, only the subscriber chooses to participate in OC Healthy Steps.  If the EME subscriber does not complete the OC Healthy Steps, he or she will pay 5%of the total health care premium.