OC Healthy Steps

The OC Healthy Steps wellness program is designed to help you become aware of your risk factors and key numbers that impact your health (such as your cholesterol and blood pressure), as well as to identify what you can do to maintain or improve your health.
This program was an outcome of recent labor negotiations. County employees participating in OC Healthy Steps will pay less toward their health care premiums in 2015 than those who do not participate. Based on the County‘s current 2014 medical premiums, employees that do not participate in OC Healthy Steps would pay between $11 and $42 more in health care premiums per paycheck, depending on your health plan and number of dependents.

The OC Healthy Steps program includes 3 important steps.

    Step 1: Biometric Screening: Know Your Numbers 

    Step 2: Health Risk Assessment (HRA): Know Your Risks

    Step 3: Non-smoking attestation: Healthy Behavior Change  
                   NOVEMBER 1-NOVEMBER 21, 2014 

2015 Choice Plan Rates

Information About Confidentiality

Your Biometrics and HRA results are kept confidential between you and your health plan.  The County of Orange Benefits Center and the County of Orange are only notified of the steps you have completed and do not receive any medical information.

Your HRA results may be seen by your health plan and they may reach out to you with information about health programs designed to maintain or improve your health based on your results.

If you visit your doctor for your biometric screening, your results are only seen by your doctor/health care provider. If you attend an on-site screening, your results are seen only by you, unless you choose to share your results with your doctor.  The Biometric Health Screening Confirmation Form completed by your doctor does not include medical information and is sent to "Summit Health Inc." for processing.  Summit Health Inc. is a sub-contractor of the health plans and is not affiliated with the County of Orange Benefits Center.

What Happens Once I Complete Each Step?

Wellness Brochure/Checklist

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions

How will my payroll deduction change?

Important Dates to Remember

June 1 - August 31, 2014   Complete your Biometric Screening, submit the required form, and complete your HRA online.

November 1 - 21, 2014      Complete the Non-Smoking Attestation online during Open Enrollment.

January 2015                    New Health Plan rates go into effect

Who do I call if I have questions?

  • If you have questions about the Biometric Health Screening Confirmation Form you may call Summit Health Support Team at 1-888-240-0962 to confirm receipt of your completed Biometric Health Screening Confirmation Form.  Please allow 10 business days for processing time from when you submit your form before calling.
  • If you have questions about your HRA, use the contact us feature of the HRA website or call your health plan directly. 
  • If you completed the Biometric Screening and/or HRA, but did not receive a notification from the County of Orange Benefits Center (and have allowed 4-6 weeks for processing) please call the Employee Benefits Message Line at 714-834-6282 and leave your name and telephone number. An Employee Benefits representative will return your call within 24 hours.
  • If you have other questions that are not answered in the FAQ please call the Employee Benefits Message Line at 714-834-6282 and leave your name and telephone number.  An Employee Benefits representative will return your call within 24 hours.

Please note that:

Dependents do not complete the steps or the form

Employees in the Sharewell PPO Plan may participate however this plan is a high deductible health plan that has no payroll contributions.

New employees hired after May 1, 2014 may obtain a screening and complete the HRA however will not be included in the full program until next year.

Only employees in labor groups that have agreed to implement OC Healthy Steps are included in the program at this time.

If you are enrolled in the Employees Married to Employee (EME) program, only the subscriber chooses to participate in OC Healthy Steps.  If the EME subscriber does not complete the OC Healthy Steps, he or she will pay 5%of the total health care premium.