Health Risk Assessment (HRA)

Step 2: Health Risk Assessment: Know Your Risks
              Allow 4-6 weeks for processing

You complete your HRA online through your health plan’s website. It's a confidential online health questionnaire that, once completed, calculates your results, provides you with a high level profile of your health status, with recommendations for health improvement and behavior change, if needed. Combining the HRA with your biometric screening numbers gives you a baseline picture of your current health status and potential areas to focus on.
You’ll receive a summary that you can print and bring to your next doctor’s visit, as well as personalized steps for improvement. Be sure to keep a copy of your HRA results for your records.

You will need to complete a new HRA even if you have completed an HRA in the past. 

For instructions on completing the HRA and the links to the online HRA for your health plan, click the link for your health plan below:

Cigna Health Plan

Kaiser Health Plan

Wellwise PPO Health Plan

Complete your HRA any time from June 1-August 31, 2014