Health Risk Assessment (HRA)

Health Risk Assessment (HRA) - Faster Process 

A HRA is a confidential online health questionnaire that, once completed, calculates your results, provides you with a high level profile of your health status, and provides recommendations for health improvement and change where possible.

You can choose to complete your biometric screening first and 14 business days later it will take you less time complete your HRA.  You'll find the HRA when you log in to beginning July 6th.  If you don't want to wait 14 days you enter your biometric screening information yourself when you complete your HRA.

Frequently asked questions about the OC Healthy Steps Wellness Program

Remember all three OC Healthy Steps must be completed by August 21, 2015 in order to receive the OC Healthy Steps Wellness Credit for 2016 (if eligible).

You can confirm the completion of all your steps by visiting your personalized OC Healthy Steps website at