Non-Smoking Attestation

Step 3: Non-Smoking Attestation: Healthy Behavior Change
              To be done during Open Enrollment, November 1-21, 2014


Once Open Enrollment begins in November, you must log on to the Benefits Center Website and complete the non-smoking attestation.  If you are currently a smoker but would like to quit, talk to your doctor and/or enroll in a smoking cessation program.  There are many low or no cost options available.

An online Affidavit that confirms that:

    1) You have never smoked; or

    2) You have been tobacco free for the last 30 days; or

    3) You have tried a smoking cessation program in the last 12 months; or

    4) You are currently enrolled in a smoking cessation program.

The online Affidavit will only be available to complete during Open Enrollment, which is November 1-21, 2014.  If you are interested in a smoking cessation program in addition to what is available to members through Cigna and Kaiser health plans, there are many low or no cost options available through the following resources: 

    American Cancer Society
  • Offers free telephonic counseling - call Quit--4-Life or (866) 784-8454
  • Variety of self-help materials are available at
    American Lung Association

    California Smokers Helpline

    We encourage you to utilize these resources, and work with your doctor to help you become a non-smoker.

    Complete your Non-Smoking Attestation any time from November 1-21, 2014.