Labor Management Committee

The Internal Audit Department is a participant in the County of Orange "Labor / Management Committee" (LMC) program in collaboration with the Auditor/Controller Department. The LMC is a team of employees and managers working together at the department level to make the County of Orange a more progressive workplace. This is accomplished by providing a monthly forum where they can freely express their ideas about improving working condition and processes to achieve creative solutions to departmental workplace issues. The program has been adopted by all departments in the County and has been widely successful. One staff member represent us

Some of the projects that the Internal Audit LMC has actively participated in are as follows:

  • Acted in an advisory capacity during the formulation of the employee "Performance Improvement Program" (PIP). This program gives employees an opportunity for personal development and achievement and rewards them for their effort.
  • Assisted in the identification of goal criteria for the PIP program that promote conformity with the departments business plan/balanced scorecard.
  • Provided comprehensive input to the LMC Steering Committee concerning the PIP Program and the PIP evaluation process.
  • Established a "Workplace Issue" subcommittee to investigate departmental issues submitted to the LMC by concerned employees.
  • Participate in the annual departmental business plan/balanced scorecard┬áprocess.
  • Developed cost savings ideas for greater County efficiency.

This program promotes meaningful understanding between employees and management by holding regular meetings to discuss issues of importance to labor organizations and to departments.