Adult House Arrest Information

Supervised Electronic Confinement Program

A Confinement Option For Low-Risk Offenders

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Supervised Electronic Confinement (SEC) offers a safe, cost effective alternate confinement site for selected inmates who are minimum security, low risk, non-violent jail inmates, subject to approval of the Court and Probation Department.

What is It?

Under Supervised Electronic Confinement, inmates are confined to their residence under strict conditions that govern their freedom and actions.

  • It is supervised by CorrectiveSolutions in conjunction with the Probation Department
  • It uses continuous electronic monitoring equipment to verify compliance ...
  • It confines the person to the home during non-work hours ...

Electronic home confinement is not "easy", but it offers the opportunity to complete a jail sentence in an environment that allows the inmate to work, meet child-care responsibilities and/or pursue medical care and treatment.

The inmate is responsible for obeying the rules and regulations and exercising the necessary self-control and good judgment to be successful.

What Equipment is Used?

  • An electronic transmitter worn on the ankle
  • A GPS receiver
  • A verifier box attached to the home telephone line
  • A Drug and Alcohol testing device

Who is Eligible?

Inmates Who:

  • Are low risk or minimum security risk and non-violent
  • Are not prohibited from the program by sentencing Judge
  • Inmates who are medically impaired or disabled will also be considered


  • Have been sentenced to the Orange County Jail
  • Have a residence (permanent or temporary in Orange County or the surrounding counties)
  • Have a compatible telephone in the residence
  • Agree to the SEC conditions

What Does it Cost?

Each participant pays a fee based on ability to pay. Acceptance into the program is not determined by the ability to pay the fee.