Return To Work Program

Vicki L. Stewart, Manager

The County Executive Office, Office of Risk Management established the County’s Return to Work (RTW)/Transitional Duty Program for its most important resource – Employees. RTW is a collaborative planning process with Agencies/Departments under the direction of the RTW Manager, to ensure that injured/ill employees who have lost – time from work receive assistance in their recovery by effectively returning them to the work force through the use of temporary transitional duty assignment or modified work as soon as medically feasible.

The RTW Program engages all internal and external stakeholders as significant partners in order to accelerate the recovery process and return employees to their regular duties. The benefits of the RTW Program improve efficiencies and achieve cost effectiveness by reducing work absences and disability expenses, and minimize re-injury or permanent disability while encouraging proper and ethical practices to realize our moral, ethical, and legal responsibilities to our employees.