Public Safety Communications Intern

Internship Position Description

Position Title:

Public Safety Communications Intern    (unpaid internship)

Background investigations for this position take two - three months to process.

Name and Location of Agency/Department Requesting Intern:

Orange County Sheriff’s Department
Communications & Technology Division
Orange, CA 92868-1021

Functions of Agency/Department:

The Orange County Sheriff-Coroner’s Department is a modern, progressive law enforcement agency dedicated to protecting the peace and enhancing the quality of life for everyone in the County of Orange.

The Communications & Technology Division provides centralized Countywide coordinated communications systems for all local public safety agencies (law enforcement, fire, paramedic, lifeguard, public works and general government) on a 24-hour basis. In addition, the division serves as the central coordinator/manager for the 800 MHz Countywide Coordinated Communications System and associated interoperable radio systems.

Other services include installation and maintenance of communications and electronic equipment; training of end users on radio system procedures and protocols; development of policies and procedures related to radio system operations; and engineering and frequency management.

Intern Duties/Responsibilities:

Interns will primarily provide technical and/or administrative assistance with several division projects. Assignments may involve project design and development, as well as project presentation. Duties may include conducting research; reviewing current training programs; preparing documents and reports; assisting in development of new training programs; attending meetings; etc.

Projects that are currently available include the following:

  1. In coordination with staff, develop, design, write and publish an Employee Guidebook for the Communications & Technology Division.
  2. Research and develop a PowerPoint presentation focusing on the history of the Communications & Technology Division.
  3. Research and develop a PowerPoint presentation focusing on the history of the 800 MHz Countywide Coordinated Communications System.
  4. Develop a training PowerPoint presentation for the Fire Academy communications training module.

Educational Requirements:

Position is best suited for undergraduates, graduate students or recent graduates with backgrounds in: Public Safety, Communications, Emergency Management, Public Administration, Law, Public Affairs, Public Relations or related fields. Ideal candidates will have a strong interest in working within the field of Public Safety Communications and will posses a desire to produce quality publications and training materials for a large organization and within a professional setting.

Skills, Training or Qualifications:

Excellent written and oral communication skills; ability to research information and prepare reports and other correspondence; experience with Microsoft Office Suite, especially Word and PowerPoint; reliable; outgoing and able to work independently. Professional appearance and business attire required.

Time Commitment:

Minimum 15 hours per week for 3 - 6 months (6 months preferred). Hours must be scheduled during regular business hours (Monday through Friday between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m.) and during non-office hours as agreed upon in advance by division management and the intern.

Benefits Available to Intern:

Although the position is unpaid and does not lead to permanent employment, internships with the Sheriff’s Department offer students or recent graduates an excellent experience working within a large governmental entity. The Communications Division provides exposure to many different aspects of Public Safety through its daily coordination of routine operations with local, state, federal, private and volunteer organizations. The Communications Division is one of the few assignments within the County of Orange in which interns may be exposed to a multi-faceted government operation. This assignment also provides an opportunity for students to explore career options, gain career skills, apply academic knowledge, build resumes and network with professionals in their fields of interest.

Required Background Investigation:

Background investigations that can take two – three months to process will be conducted on applicants who have successfully interviewed for the internship and wish to pursue placement.

The background investigation includes a pre-screening interview for out-of-state applicants that can be conducted by phone, a background interview that requires a three-hour in-person interview at an Orange County Sheriff's Department facility, and Livescan fingerprinting.

The following documents will be completed by qualified applicants during the background investigation:

  • Civilian Personal History form (includes employment history & arrest record)
  • Notarized Authorization to Release Information form

As part of the background investigation, applicants will be required to provide five references along with original copies of the following documents:

  • Birth certificate (original or certified copy) or if applicable, naturalization certificate/resident card (passport is not accepted)
  • Valid, state-issued driver’s license
  • Social Security card
  • High school & college diplomas and official transcripts (must be sealed and in unopened envelope)
  • Proof of current automobile liability insurance coverage (listing applicant as an insured driver)

Original copies of the following documents will be required for applicants who plan to intern for more than three months:

  • Dissolution of Marriage Verification (if applicable)
  • Child Custody Paperwork (if applicable)
  • Complete Bankruptcy Paperwork (if applicable)
  • Selective Service/Draft Registration (applicable for males with birth dates after January 1, 1960)
  • Veteran's Discharge and DD-214 Form/page four preferred (if applicable)
  • California Department of Consumer Affairs License (i.e. LVN, RN, etc.) (if applicable)
  • Proof of Legal Name Change (does not apply towards name change due to marriage)

Internship Application Process Questions