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READ Jr. - Family Literacy Program:

Low literacy adults often have a difficult time helping their children succeed in school, making those children much more likely to face reading difficulties of their own. READ Jr. is a family literacy program in which volunteer tutors work with parents and children together to help break the intergenerational cycle of illiteracy. High school students act as tutors to be a reading role model for the children, demonstrating that fun and learning can be synonymous. The parents participate in all of the tutoring activities so that they can learn strategies to assist their children on their own. In this way, the children get help with their reading, writing, and homework, while their parents learn how to become involved in their children’s learning.

Program Description:

READ Jr. is specifically designed to break the intergenerational cycle of illiteracy by targeting the grade school aged children of adult learners. Each of the parents involved in READ Jr. is an adult with low literacy skills. Some are native English speakers who struggle with their own reading and writing. Others are speakers of another language, who may or may not be literate in their native tongue. All are working with their own separate adult tutor to improve their reading, writing, and English skills. And all have a child between the ages of six and twelve who needs more help in school than their parents can give them.

Each family is matched with a high school student who volunteers to tutor the child in reading and writing. Together they practice reading aloud, working on homework assignments, completing writing and spelling activities, and playing learning games. The tutoring is always aimed at the children’s individual skill level, interests, and needs.

Tutoring Session Locations:

READ/Orange County coordinates Literacy Centers located in eight Orange County Public Library branches.

Please Contact READ/Orange County for More Information:

(714) 566-3070