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Complete Count Committee

County of Orange
2020 Census
Complete Count Committee

The OC Complete Count Committee (OCCCC) will be the County’s primary network and strongest tool to educate, motivate and activate Orange County residents to participate in the Census. The OCCCC includes many stakeholders including cities, county departments, community-based organizations, community leaders and a communications team.

As you may be aware, the decennial census count is tied to many State and Federal funding formulas. This funding includes monies for essential programs such as Medi-Cal, Medicare, CalFresh, Housing Choice Vouchers, Highway Planning and Construction, education grants, lunch programs, Head Start and WIC among many others. The U.S. Census Bureau has identified populations and communities that are more likely to be undercounted, the goal of the OCCCC is to identify and implement the best strategies to educate and motivate these community members to participate.

OCCCC Subcommittees

  1. Government Agencies & Cities
  2. Media, Communication & Advertising
  3. Immigrant, Limited English & Language Access
  4. Homeless, Unconventional Housing & Low-income
  5. Outreach, Recruitment, Data Protection & Technology


OCCCC Goals for 2020 Census Outreach

  1. Educate County residents on the Census timeline and purpose with a particular emphasis on the Hard-to-Count (HTC) populations
  2. Identify HTC populations and best strategies to educate them on the Census
  3. Reduce the HTC populations’ fear and distrust of government
  4. Build trust around the Census
  5. Motivate HTC populations to participate in the Census
  6. Reduce barriers for HTC populations to participate in the Census

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