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Employee Compensation & Employment Contracts

Compensation Information

2023 Employee Compensation
Contribution Rates (OCERS)

Board Approved Contracts

Department/AgencyContract / AgreementFirst Amendment Second Amendment Third Amendment Fourth AmendmentFifth Amendment 
Campaign, Finance and Ethics CommissionCFEC AgreementCFEC Amendment 1CFEC Amendment 2CFEC Amendment 3CFEC Amendment 4 
County Executive OfficerCEO Agreement CEO Amendment 1CEO Amendment 2CEO Amendment 3  
County CounselCC AgreementCC Amendment 1CC Amendment 2CC Amendment 3  
Clerk of the BoardCoB AgreementCoB Amendment 1CoB Amendment 2CoB Amendment 3CoB Amendment 4CoB Amendment 5
Director of Mental Health Services      
Internal AuditIA AgreementIA Amendment 1    
John Wayne AirportJWA Agreement     
Office of Independent Review DepartmentOIR Agreement     
Public DefenderPubDef AgreementPubDef Amendment 1    

County Organizational Chart

Download the County Organizational Chart.