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Press Release

Revving Up Rehabilitation: Juvenile Hall Hosts 2nd Annual Car Show to Inspire Youth

a row of classic cars parked on a grassy field

Orange, Calif. (June 2, 2024) – The 2nd annual Juvenile Hall Car Show was organized to provide a positive and pro-social experience for system-impacted youth.  Held at Orange County Probation Department’s Juvenile Hall, the event was made possible through the collaborative efforts of 16 local car clubs, county employees, and individual community members. All were united in their commitment in offering the youth a glimpse into the world of automotive craftsmanship and dedication.  By introducing youth to a variety of automotive related hobbies, the event aimed to inspire self-reflection on the power of applying oneself towards a positive activity, such as car maintenance and design. 

Chief Probation Officer Daniel Hernandez and Chief Deputy Probation Officer Jessica Johnson, alongside several members of the Juvenile Justice Commission, representatives from the Board of Supervisors offices, and Presiding Judge of Juvenile Court Craig Arthur, were present at the event. Numerous facility staff also coordinated logistics and ensured a fun-filled, safe time at the event. Their support underscored the significance of such initiatives in fostering positive aspirations among the youth.

Throughout the morning, 148 youth from Juvenile Hall, Youth Leadership Academy (YLA), and Youth Guidance Center (YGC) had the opportunity to engage the owners of 87 vehicles, nine motorcycles and four lowrider bicycles on display.  "The Juvenile Hall Car Show was more than just a display of vehicles; it was a testament to the power of community support and mentorship," remarked Chief Hernandez. "It is through such initiatives that we instill hope, inspire dreams, and nurture aspirations for a better future."

Juvenile Hall’s Youth Council, comprised of seven youth housed at Juvenile Hall, made invaluable contributions in organizing the event. From creating posters to presenting awards to winning vehicles, their exemplary leadership and enthusiasm were commendable. The Juvenile Hall Car Show stands as a testament to the transformative power of collective efforts by the community and serves as an inspiration for the youth as they drive towards a brighter horizon.


About the Orange County Probation Department  

As a public safety agency, the Orange County Probation Department serves the community using effective, research supported rehabilitation practices and collaborative partnerships to successfully resocialize justice involved individuals. 

The Probation Department is proud to serve the Orange County community. It is dedicated to continuous improvement, searching out and applying “effective and research supported practices" to assist justice involved youth, their families, 

and adults to successfully navigate and successfully complete probation. Further, the Probation Department assists the criminal court system through investigations, probation reports and community supervision of thousands of adult and juvenile clients 

on court-ordered probation or in diversion programs. The Department operates the Orange County Juvenile Hall, and two camps for youth. In addition, the Department operates two Youth Reporting Centers serving North and Central Orange County.